Registration & Monthly Tuition

  • Registration Fall 2023 Is OPEN!

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    Fall 2023 tuition prices are per month. Registration fee ($170) is a one time payment and is non refundable.

    Kindergarten      $405/month     9am-2pm
    PK4 and PK5 Five Day Classes      $300/month     9am-12pm
    PK4 Three Day Classes      $244/month     9am-12pm
    PK3 Three Day Classes     $251/month     9am-12pm
    PK3 Two Day Class (TTh)     $215/month     9am-12pm
    PK2 Three Day Class (MWF)     $280/month     9am-12pm
    PK2 Two Day Class (TTh)      $225/month      9am-12pm

    How to Register for Fall 2023

    Please read the following steps carefully so that you understand the full process before you begin registering:

    1. Fill out the online registration form and submit
    2. After the registration form is received, you will be sent an invoice for the registration fee, as well as class placement confirmation
    3. Please pay the invoice to secure your child’s spot in our preschool for the upcoming school year.
    4. If you have been placed on a waiting list, you will be notified and will not be billed for the registration fee

    It is highly recommended that you to download the Brightwheel app and complete your profile information. We will be using this app to communicate  throughout the 2023-2024 school year, including during the summer before school starts. You can update all of your student’s information, including who is allowed to pick up your child, medical information, and more. All billing and financial transactions will also take place through Brightwheel for the 2023-2024 school year.