Pre-K 5's

5 years old by September 30th
  • 5 Year Old Class

    Developed specifically to challenge 5-year-old children and give them one extra year to mature, develop and succeed before enrolling in Kindergarten.  A positive sense of self is promoted with learning experiences, helping children feel confident and competent as learners.Kindergarten readiness skills are fully developed, allowing children to feel confident as they move on.  As children are ready, some kindergarten skills may be introduced.  STEM activities are often incorporated in the learning experiences to develop critical thinking skills and a love of math and science.

    Separate enrichment classes are offered in music and foreign language. A computer lab is offered to introduce the technical expertise necessary in the future and provide a different venue of skill development and creativity.  Physical needs are met by daily play on a safe, well-equipped playground and through classroom activities.  Children’s spiritual needs will be met by daily devotions, prayers and incorporation of God into daily discussions.

    Using the Virginia Foundation Blocks for Learning as a guide, our curriculum includes:


    • Identify and name letters & use letter-sound knowledge
    • Develop phonemic awareness and early literacy skills
    • Develop emergent writing skills to convey thoughts ideas and experiences
    • Read simple high frequency/familiar words
    • Increase vocabulary and develop communication skills
    • Listen, respond to, and enjoy stories
    • Use creativity and imagination
    • Develop number sense
    • Identify numbers 1-20 and beyond
    • Compare, count, categorize and determine patterns
    • Explore cause and effect relationships
    • Make observations and predictions
    • Conduct simple scientific investigations
    • Follow routines and directions independently
    • Develop fine motor manipulative skills (cutting & pencil grip)
    • Increase gross motor strength and coordination
    • Learn about God’s love for the world and model Christian values
  • My daughter attends GBPP pre-K and I could not be happier with her class. This school is amazing! I have so much to brag about…the staff is wonderful, kind, caring, nurturing and fun! The halls are bright and cheerful. The classrooms are spacious and divided into sections for reading, dramatic play, building, puzzles, and hands on activities. Each classroom is warm and inviting. I LOVE the open door policy and the chances to volunteer and be a part of my daughters school day. I love this preschool!”

    — Posted by a parent, April 2014
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