Pre-K 4's

4 years old by September 30th
  • 4 Year Old Classes

    The main goals of PK4 classes are to help children develop confidence to be independent workers and cooperative, helpful friends.  Kindergarten readiness skills are an integral part of the day filled with investigation, exploration, and discovery. Teachers individualize instruction, using a variety of teaching techniques to help children develop critical thinking skills and a thirst for learning.  Through directed play and free play activities, teachers encourage children to reach developmental milestones that will help them succeed in all areas of life.

    We offer three classes:

    Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9 am – Noon:  
    Two classes with 16 students each.

    Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 9 am-Noon:  
    One class with 16 students

    Separate enrichment classes are offered in music and foreign language. A computer lab is offered to introduce the technical expertise necessary in the future and provide a different venue of skill development and creativity.

    Physical needs are met by daily play on a safe, well-equipped playground and through classroom activities. 

    Children’s spiritual needs will be met by daily devotions, prayers and incorporation of God into daily discussions.

    Using the Virginia Foundation Blocks for Learning as a guide, our curriculum includes:

    • Recognize shapes
    • Identify 1-10, Count to 20
    • Develop number sense
    • Explore measurement of length, time, capacity, weight and temperature
    • Relate letters to phonemic awareness
    • Develop early literacy skills
    • Develop speaking skills and increase vocabulary
    • Listen, respond to, and enjoy stories
    • Print first and last name
    • Sort objects, identify sequences, and make patterns
    • Follow routines and directions independently
    • Develop fine motor manipulative skills (cutting & pencil grip)
    • Increase gross motor strength and coordination
    • Use imagination and creativity
    • Explore ways one action causes another
    • Make predictions and observations
    • Conduct simple scientific investigations
    • Play and learn cooperatively with friends
    • Develop a healthy sense of self and a love for learning
    • Learn about God's love for the world and model Christian values
  • “Our daughter has truly blossomed in the last months and has grown to love school in ways I didn’t think possible. You can understand how much peace and comfort I get knowing she is with you for those hours we are apart. Thank you for sharing your gifts and love for her!”

    — Posted by a parent, 2014
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