3 Year Olds

3 years old by September 30th
  • 3 Year Old Classes

    Children enjoy the social world of making friends, learning independence, communication, fine and gross motor skill development , and  basic skills including colors, shapes, numbers and ABC’s. Through directed play and free play activities, teachers encourage children to reach developmental milestones that will help them succeed in all areas of life.   All children must be potty trained. We offer three classes:

    Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9 am – Noon:  
    Two classes with 14 students each
    Covid 19 adjustment: 10 students per class

    Tuesday/Thursday 9 am – Noon:    
    One class with 14 students 
    Covid 19 adjustment: 10 students per class

    Separate enrichment classes are offered in music and foreign language for all ages. A computer lab is offered to introduce the technical expertise necessary in the future and provide a different venue of skill development and creativity.

    Physical needs are met by daily play on a safe, well-equipped playground and through classroom activities.

    Children’s spiritual needs will be met by daily devotions, prayers and incorporation of God into daily discussions.

    Using the Virginia Milestones of Child Development as a guide, teachers create curriculum activities that will enhance the learning of the following skills:


    • Introduce the alphabet
    • Recognize first name
    • Recognize basic colors and shapes
    • Begin to understand number concepts and count to 10
    • Develop a sense of self
    • Learn early social problem-solving skills
    • Use imagination and create new ideas
    • Increase the ability to communicate ideas, wants and needs
    • Begin to identify words that rhyme
    • Show increased comprehension and enjoyment of literature
    • Begin to use scribbles and pictures to represent ideas
    • Follow simple directions and routines
    • Learn to take turns and share
    • Fine motor skill development
    • Gross motor strength and coordination
    • Learn about God’s love for the world and model Christian values
  • “We live in Virginia Beach but make the drive to this school! It is my 3 year olds first time attending school and he LOVES it! I can not say enough great things about GBPP!! The teachers are amazing! They have an open door policy so it lets you stay active in your children’s lives! And my son has learned so much! I feel completely comfortable leaving my child in the care of these wonderful teachers! I’m so sad that we are moving and won’t be here next year. If I could I would let my child stay until Kindergarten, that is how much I love this school! They truly are amazing.”

    — Posted by a parent, February 2013
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