5 years old by September 30th
  • Kindergarten

    Our program fosters budding literacy development and provides a variety of opportunities to experience the enjoyment and usefulness of reading and writing.  Play continues to provide a strong path to learning and the mastery of important skills.  Activities are  filled with hands-on experiences and active exploration, allowing for investigation and creativity.  Different levels of ability and learning styles are expected, appreciated, and considered as we enhance each child’s confidence, autonomy, and sense of self.  Our Kindergarten encompasses all areas of study as outlined by the Virginia Standards of Learning.

    Our Curriculum includes:

    • Word Work Daily Routine– A daily whole group interactive phonological awareness and phonics program that helps students master and internalize the basic foundational skills needed for reading.
    • Daily Calendar Routine– A daily whole group time dedicated to helping students internalize and master many of the fundamental math concepts outlined by the Virginia Standards of Learning including: patterns, counting, money, and number sense.
    • KinderLiteracy– Literacy Units designed to engage and foster readers built upon a weekly theme with essential questions, focus standards, comprehension, story element applications, real life connections, stimulating vocabulary and linked writing. Literacy Units will also integrate Social Studies and Science concepts required by the Virginia Standards of Learning. Small group guided reading and learning centers will be planned, incorporated, and differentiated according to student needs.
    • KinderMath– These Units encourage guidance from the teacher while students teach and learn math through hands-on and engaging math activities with their partners. KinderMath incorporates many different manipulatives and games, gets kids talking about math, provides fun and engaging activities and requires critical thinking.

    Separate enrichment classes are offered in music and foreign language. A computer lab is offered  to introduce the technical expertise necessary in the future and provide a different venue of skill development and creativity.

    Physical needs are met by daily play on a safe, well-equipped playground and through classroom activities.


    • Reading comprehension
    • Develop reading strategies
    • Writing development
    • Word study
    • Phonemic awareness
    • Spelling skills
    • Independent reading
    • Number concepts
    • Counting to 100
    • Follow routines and directions independently
    • Fine motor manipulative skills
    • Gross motor strength and coordination
    • Model Christian values
    • 8:1 Student Teacher Ratio

    Learning in a happy place!

  • Extended Day

    GBPP’s kindergarten hours are now 9 am to 2 pm.

    Children will benefit from a longer instructional time, allowing them to fully develop the foundations for future learning.

    More time will allow children with different learning styles to learn in a way that is best for them.

    The teachers will be able to use more play-based learning activities, making learning more fun and less rushed.

    Siblings of kindergarten students can be picked up at the same time if they want to participate in the Stay and Play option.

    9 am to 2 pm provides a good transition from a shorter preschool day to a longer, full day in first grade, while still allowing students time to play and rest.

    Tuition is competitively priced!

    “Mrs. Slivinski is awesome! My son loves her, I love her, she is just great! We had her for PreK last year and my son did so well and learned so much that when I heard she was going to teach kindergarten, I pulled his application from public school and signed him up with GBPP. She is so kind and patient. She communicates great with parents and keeps us informed of what is going on. I wish she would teach first grade next year!! My younger two will definitely be coming to GBPP for kindergarten with Mrs. Slivinski!”

    — Posted by a parent, November 2016

    “GBPP has been an absolutely wonderful experience for our daughter! Due to our daughter being on the younger side we initially had reservations regarding whether to enroll her in Kindergarten (vs. Preschool). The caring staff spent a considerable amount of time discussing the pro’s and con’s of early enrollment with me and my husband. With the great information we received from Mrs. Miles and Mrs. Slivinski we made the decision to enroll our daughter in Kindergarten – it turned out to be the right decision by far! Our daughter’s experience has been nothing short of exceptional in the caring and nurturing environment provided by Mrs. Slivinski and Ms. Heather. She has made tremendous strides in the short time she has been attending and even more importantly, our daughter loves her teachers and classmates! We have been truly blessed by our experience!”

    — Posted by a parent, November 2016
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